Cultural Innovation International Prize

CCCB Gallery, Barcelona

The Cultural Innovation International Prize is a biennial competition organised by the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) with the aim of incentivising projects which explore possible cultural scenarios for the coming years. It functions as a new space for creation, production and diffusion of projects concerned with developing imaginative solutions for the cultural challenges of the twenty-first century.

For the second edition (2017) the members of the Jury unanimously decided to award the Cultural Innovation International Prize to the The Newton Machine.

From the judges: “The project turns an ethereal subject like energy sourcing and storing into a tangible idea that can be experienced through a live installation. Being a project that deals with community energy models it also brings agency and empowers people. The Newton Machine is honest in that it accepts that there is no universal solution to such a multifaceted issue as climate change, inviting people to understand their particular contextual challenges and find inventive solutions.”